Grow your faith. Deepen your knowledge.


Understand the Bible on a deeper level through basic Greek study.


Do you KNOW a lot about the Bible but want to UNDERSTAND it more fully?


Become a skillful student of the New Testament – in Greek!

You’re serious about the Bible.  You recognize that it’s the rock-solid foundation of truth.  It’s the place where God explains what life is all about.  That’s why you want to know it deeply and understand it accurately. 

But you can only get so far in understanding the Bible before you hit a wall – the barrier wall of Greek!

Pastors and professors talk about what a verse means in the original Greek.  You’re grateful for the information...but you’d rather look it up yourself.

What if they’re wrong?  For example, a blog on Romans 1 says, “When Paul described the gospel as the power of God, he used the Greek word dunamis.  That’s where we get our word dynamite.”  A vivid image, right?  But dynamite wasn’t invented until about 1860. Paul couldn’t have been thinking about dynamite.  

If dunamis doesn’t mean dynamite, then what does it mean?  If you sign up for the free, 5-lesson "Greek in a Week" online course, you will find the explanation.

Our courses can take as little as a few hours and allow you break into the world of New Testament Greek and experience God's Word in a whole new way.  

Even a little Greek helps a lot, and we can help you learn as much as you want!


Unpack God's Word with Confidence.

Experience the New Testament like never before.  Imagine new freedom in exploring Scripture that knowledge of the Greek text will provide.  You'll be able to satisfy your curiosity.  You’ll have the liberty to dive more deeply into each verse, and to be confident that you are explaining the Word accurately.  


Experience the Living Word in Living Color.

Are you ready to experience the New Testament in a whole new way? Going from English-only to Greek is like moving from black-and-white TV to high def, 4K color!

You may think that in-depth study in seminary is the only way to learn Greek, but that's not the case. 

The truth is that you can learn as much Greek as you want. 


Hi, I'm Dr. John Bechtle.

For over 40 years, I have been helping students break through the Greek language barrier, and I can help you.  I can guide you and provide the resources you need.  

Perhaps you simply want to look up the meaning of New Testament words.  

Maybe you’d like to understand how Greek grammar works, so you know what it means when the commentary says a Greek verb is aorist or subjunctive.  

Or you may be committed to the goal of learning how to translate the Greek New Testament yourself!

No matter how far you want to go, I’m here to introduce you to the tools of New Testament study and teach you how to use them well.