FREE "Greek in a Week" Online Course

FREE "Greek in a Week" Online Course

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In just 8 hours learning practical Greek word studies, you’ll establish a great base knowledge in just one week - just an hour a day commitment!

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You can learn as much Greek as you want!  Even if you only invest 8 hours learning to do Greek word studies, you’ll be knocking a window into that brick wall that stands between you and the Greek language.  Ask for the free Exploration Course and you will learn how to tackle Greek at three different levels.  

In just four lessons, you will also see several New Testament verses in a wholly fresh perspective, and you will receive three study charts that will help you open doors to deeper understanding.  In the end, you will have a mental map of the paths you can follow to learn as much Greek as you want.  The choice is yours; we are here to act as your guide on the journey!