Greek Translation Package - Greek Behind Prof’s Back

Greek Translation Package - Greek Behind Prof’s Back


For serious students who want to learn how to translate the New Testament on their own. This package provides the resources you need to teach yourself New Testament Greek.  The workbook has been used as a text for first-year Greek classes at the college level, and you will also receive a CD/workbook to guide you in learning how to pronounce New Testament Greek.  When you are done, you should be able to translate most of the New Testament for yourself!

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Greek Behind the Prof's Back:  A Self-Instructional Workbook for New Testament Greek

Greek Behind the Prof's Back provides features that will help you make maximum progress in the language:

  • Self-Paced - You can work on each lesson according to your own schedule.
  • Self-Teaching - View the answers to every exercise immediately, right next to the question, so you can correct misunderstandings instantly.
  • Minimal Memorization - No need to memorize endless charts of endings; learn to look for the clues that identify verb forms.
  • Practically Focused - Invest your time learning to recognize the building blocks of New Testament sentences, rather than laboring over minutia like accent marks or memorizing endless vocabulary lists.

INCLUDED FREE:   Minilexicon of the Greek New Testament, containing all the words used in Greek Behind the Prof's Back.