Greek Word Study Course

Greek Word Study Course

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A practical, 7-lesson course that gives the simple steps for studying a Greek word. In just a few hours, you will be able to use readily available tools to unlock the meaning of a New Testament verse.

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In just 8 online lessons, you will master the basic procedures for Greek word study and enjoy guided practice in studying several words yourself.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • 2 Things to Know About Greek Words
  • 2 Steps in Every Greek Word Stud
  • 2 Ways to Do Each Step
  • Tools You Can Use Without the Greek Alphabet
  • Comparing Similar Words
  • Tracing the Genealogy of a Word
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Where to Go Next

The Word Study Package:  Here is a ground-level package selected specifically to equip you with the skills to unpack the meaning of New Testament Greek words.

  • Greek Word Study Course8 online lessons

  • Greek Pronunciation Pack workbook and audio download – helps you learn to pronounce every sound in New Testament Greek and practice reading Matthew 5-7

  • A Guide to Word Study Toolsa PDF listing of online and print resources for your word study tool chest