Many textbooks make learning Greek a slow, painful process.

Drawing upon over 40 years of teaching Greek, Ezra Project courses make things as simple as possible for learners, without sacrificing accuracy.  

every course on this site is designed to give you a fast start & a strong foundation.

Most textbooks in beginning Greek give explanations of the grammar, followed by exercises (usually sentences to translate).  Our courses move beyond mere lecture and provide students with a simple but powerful system of interactive elements: 

  • Questions and answers after every explanation - to make sure that you understand the concept.
  • Practice exercises with the answers right there on the page - so that you will know immediately whether you got it right!
  • Carefully sequenced review exercises.  When you first learn a concept, you will review it often.  As it becomes more deeply embedded in your mind, you review less frequently but you do come back to it often enough to ensure that you don't forget it.
  • A project each lesson that takes you into the Greek New Testament - starting in the very first lesson!

Ready to get started? Here's a brief overview of our available courses

FREE "Greek in a Week" Exploration Course

You can learn as much Greek as you want!  In this 5-hour course you will learn the deeper Greek meanings behind several famous Bible passages, and find out the approach to Greek that works for you. Begin to see God’s Word come alive in just one week with only an hour a day commitment!

Who it's for:

A great dip into the world of Greek for absolute beginners or those not quite ready for the commitment of a full course.

Word Study Course

 In just 7 lessons, this 82-page ebook course will coach you in the basic procedures for Greek word study and guide you through several practice word studies.


Who it's for:

A practical, easy-to-follow course for beginners who want to to learn how to use the tools of word study to determine the meaning of the Greek words used in any New Testament passage.  You can start doing it yourself in just seven lessons!
Greek Word Study - ebook
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Translation Package

Greek Behind Prof’s Back

This package provides the resources you need to teach yourself New Testament Greek.  The workbook has been used as a text for first-year Greek classes at the college level.  A guide to Greek pronunciation with audio samples is included.  When you are done, you should be able to translate most of the New Testament for yourself!

Who it's for:

Serious students committed to learning how to translate the New Testament on their own.


Full Greek Bundle & Personalized Coaching

One-on-One Instruction & Coaching

Do you need personal contact with a live instructor?  The Premier Package offers you all the resources available in the Word Study Course and the Translation Package PLUS personalized help that will motivate you and guide you past the rough spots.

Who it's for:

Students who wish for increased support, instruction and coaching as they work through the Word Study and Translation courses.




About ezra project:

Ezra Project is dedicated to helping people explore the Bible for themselves, particularly through a growing knowledge of the New Testament in its original Greek.  It is a ministry project developed by Dr. John Bechtle, an experienced professor and writer who has spent several decades helping people understand the Scriptures.


Questions about which course is right for you?