Greek Behind the Prof’s Back is a must for any student who desires to learn Greek, or for any pastor or professor who simply needs a refresher course. Dr. Bechtle has without a doubt written the most user-friendly Greek grammar on the market. I have used it for over 25 years, first as a student and now as a professor. His simple and concise structure, combined with his ability to let the Greek text teach the student in every lesson, is its greatest asset.
— David, New Jersey

I can recommend the book to anyone wanting a basic knowledge of Greek, anyone intending to enter seminary for further study of the language, or to the layperson who longs to gain new insights into what the Lord has to say to us.
— Craig, Arkansas

Greek is the language God used to reveal Himself in the New Testament. If you believe that this is the language God providentially fashioned, then you want to see it more clearly. The big first step in learning Greek was a huge thing for me. Your book made that step only half as big, and thus less intimidating.
— Ben, Indiana

Your book makes Greek accessible for the layman. It provides the material clearly, giving the answer key right there on the page, rather than at the back of the book. You don’t have to wait for class to find out how you did.
— Josh, Indiana

I wanted to go back into the Greek and learn it before I die. This book is a God-send.
— Bob, Virginia

In your book, everything just flows into my brain, instead of endless memorization. Probably anyone who has an interest in Greek could handle this book. I have probably looked at 150 books on Greek and this is the best.
— Ken, Wisconsin